Your energy should be as efficient as the rest of your business Your energy should be as efficient as the rest of your business

Your energy should be as efficient as the rest of your business

Energy efficiency is the future. A future where energy is produced and consumed sustainably. But, and here’s the dilemma shared by  everyone in business and the public sector, energy efficiency must always be measured by its financial sustainability.

Our goal in reducing harmful emissions and electricity and gas consumption is to cut the overall cost - including any investment in technology and equipment - of energy to an organisation.

That’s why we started our business, to reduce energy consumption, save businesses money and cut their greenhouse gas emissions. It’s built into our DNA.

Low cost energy solutions that put money back on your bottom line

Cheaper business energy which is good for the environment and your business finances. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Especially if that lower energy cost involves investment in renewable on-site energy generation, or, new low carbon equipment and technologies. The truth is it’s more than possible.

A well designed energy efficiency project achieves three objectives in one: reduced consumption of energy; lower CO2 emissions and a return on investment. It’s that last goal which adds business value to the environmental benefits delivering both a positive financial and environmental impact.

A solid business case for energy efficiency and carbon reduction

Our Low Carbon Consultants are switched on commercially. They’re great believers in ‘boots on the ground’. Naturally they’ll want to discuss your energy objectives and audit the situation in terms of your site’s current usage and the efficiency of systems and equipment. Their findings and recommendations will be presented in detail. Where improvements can made these will be quantified in detail to show CO2 emissions reductions, savings in energy consumption, the financial contribution of each efficiency measure and projected payback period.

Sustainable energy with a positive cashflow: green energy financing

Sadly, unless we’re talking about changing the behaviour of people (which, incredibly, can reduce energy waste by up to 15%), there is a cost associated with the replacement of old inefficient systems and installation of on-site renewable energy. Finance departments often see this cost is as a disincentive. That’s where The Energy Check Green Energy Finance package comes into play. By tailoring the finance to each energy efficiency project’s energy cost saving, we can ensure a positive contribution to cashflow often by the end of the first quarter of commissioning the project.

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