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Compare business energy prices online

Compare business energy prices online

If you’re a small business you’ll find the cheapest business energy and water prices online just like you do for your home energy!

It’ll only take you a few minutes to get a quote. All you need is a copy of your electricity, gas or dual fuel invoice. On it you’ll find a reference number called your MPAN or MPRN which we need to give you an accurate price.

Speak to a business energy trader

Bigger businesses get better energy deals through direct negotiation with electricity and gas suppliers.

As a general rule, if you’re spending more than £5,000 a year you should speak to one of our energy traders. All you need to do is request a call, dig out your most recent electricity, gas or dual fuel invoice and keep it handy for the call.

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We’re not energy brokers, we’re energy saving experts

There’s a big difference. Sure, an energy broker might find you a good energy deal (which, of course, we ‘ll guarantee we do), but they won’t do much more than that.

Your The Energy Check consultant will analyse your current energy tariff and suggest ways you might pay less for your electricity, gas or water without changing supplier. It just takes a bit of technical nounce! So, you end up paying less for your energy or water and using less.

People who switch energy supplier trust us!

Well, they would wouldn’t they! We work really hard to save energy and cut utilities bills.

Secure a lower cost more efficient business energy future

A future where you enjoy lower utility bills not only because you're buying cheaper, but also because you’re using less. Because we’re energy saving experts we can look into the highly technical aspects of your energy and water supply. So, you’ll benefit from engineer support in areas like tariff analysis and power factor adjustment which can reduce your bills... free of charge. We’ll also introduce you to energy management tech which puts you in charge of your energy consumption and advice on potential supplier rebates.

There’s always scope to reduce energy consumption

Unless your workplace was built this year there’s a very good chance you’re wasting loads of energy and water. A free utilities site audit by one of our engineers will detail the long-term savings and ROI of projects like LED lighting, battery storage, heat pumps and renewable business energy sources including solar, wind and biomass. Projects we’ll design and manage for you. There’s legal stuff we’ll also sort out for you, ESOS and DECs to name but two, to make sure your business is compliant with current energy legislation.

Advice and handy hints on saving energy at work

Sure, we’ll save you money with the best business energy deal, but we’d also like to help you use less. Hopefully there’s no one who likes to waste energy (and we don’t mean by running up the stairs here). The money you might be wasting’s pretty important, but so’s the planet. You’d be surprised how much electricity and gas you can save by doing some really basic stuff at work. There’s the obvious - turning things off when you’re not using them - which costs nothing but a little thought and consideration for the business and our environment!

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